About Me


Hi, I’m Beryl Chan, a.k.a.Beryl_snw.

I’m a Independent Photographer, Retouching Specialist and Film Maker based in Canton, China. Specialize in streets, events and on location portraits. I was also participating in independent projects from faceless teenage girl portraits to business commercial shorts.


  • I love all the latest and greatest photography gears and techs.
  • A logical Apple Fanboy, a loyal Nikon Shooter. (But I love Fujifilm as well!
  • An OTAKU with numbers of fetishes. (You name it, I have it.
  • Self-learning Japanese, PHP/HTML/CSS and Graphic Design.

Works and digital photo albums are available on Getty Images or my Exhibition Hall.

Besides, I’m also doing PURE iPhone photography on Instagram. Taken, edited and published entirely on a iPhone. Cause I’m always being amazed by how powerful these little cameras are. And how strong the processing power they have. They are amazing.


Social Networks

Instagram: @Beryl_snw 

Flickr: flickr.beryl.at

Twitter: @Beryl_snw


iMessage, Facetime Audio & Email: beryl.public@icloud.com

Telegram: @Beryl_snw

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