About Me

I’m an Independent Photographer and Film Maker.  Shoot streets, portraits, large events and products. Currently working on candid street photography and faceless teenage girl portraits.


  • A nuts about Apple&Electronics.
  • An OTAKU with a numbers of fetishes.
  • A student studying in GDUTLDC major in network engineering.
  • A self-learner of Japanese.


My works are uploaded on Flickr. You can view them in my Gallery. There is a “Now-Updating” Section in my gallery where all the live updating sets are listed. I update my Gallery pretty much daily. Photos are available for purchase on Getty Images or my exhibition hall.  Cellphone shots only on Instagram.




Twitter: @Beryl_snw

Instagram: @Beryl_snw

Gallery: p.beryl.at

Exhibition Hall: expo.beryl.at

And Plus:

Flickr: flickr.beryl.at

Sina/Tencent Weibo:@Beryl_snw

iMessage, Facetime&Email: beryl.public@icloud.com

(Please don’t send me junks   :)